MYLax - About Us

After almost a decade of successfully running, the Ontario Lacrosse Association approached the team behind requesting that the same technology be used to improve the competitiveness of youth lacrosse in Ontario. In 2012, we released our first set of lacrosse team rankings.

In 2018 started working with the Alberta Lacrosse Association (ALA).

In 2019 we partnered with the founder of to form Laxpower was the go to site for High School and College Lacrosse rankings, scores and more. Acquired by the Active Network and shutdown in August 2018, Laxpower's absense has been felt across the lacrosse community. By partnering with the founder of Laxpower, we will be keeping the tradition alive at

Additional expansions are planned, but if you would like to see the technology behind MYLax applied to your corner of the lacrosse world or applied to your sport (we have done others), please don't hesitate to contact us.