MYLax Newsflash

2017 Week #1 Rankings Update
Posted: 2017-06-07 01:00:00 ET

MYLax has released its initial, Week #1, rankings. These rankings are based upon the game scores that the OLA and its zone statisticians have received concerning exhibition, league and tournament games. At this point in time, teams are required to have 5 games in the system in order to be ranked in MYLax. Nearly half the teams have not met this requirement. They are in the system, but must be viewed in "alphabetic mode" in order to see those team's statistics. Most of these teams will be added to the rankings in the coming weeks when they meet the minimum game requirement.

Note that this early in the season the accuracy of the rankings can be suspect when teams have yet to play a significant number of games and a diverse set of opponents. At this point, one really well or really badly played game accounts for a large percentage of a team's overall rating and can have a significant impact on a team's ranking. And that one game can not only impact the rating of the two teams playing the game, but to a lesser degree, their other opponents. Despite the accuracy issues, MYLax feels it is important to start showing teams what the numbers are looking like so no team is blindsided by a rating later in June or July.

Rankings will be updated each Wednesday morning thru July.

First Ranking of 2017 to be June 7th 2017 Week #2 Rankings Update