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Women's Field Provincial Schedule Plan
Posted: 2016-07-24 23:15:00 ET

Congrats to all on a hard fought season! It's hard to believe the provincials are upon us. Following this weekends games here is the plan to finalize the Provincial Schedule
  • Sunday evening (right now) - final entries of games from Owen Sound, Orillia and recent midweeks completed in mylax (Jillian Dixon)
  • Sunday (at approx. 11pm) - mylaxrankings updated - preliminary rankings posted
  • Monday - till 6pm - all results checked and verified by clubs - any errors or discrepancies reported to Jess Markew
  • Monday - at approx. 11pm - final update in mylaxranking completed
  • Tuesday - morning - Schedule showing each teams specific games updated on website to reflect final rankings
The provincial schedule is available online.
Safe travels Oshawa.

JB Markew

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