MYLax Newsflash

2015 Week #1 Rankings Released
Posted: 2015-06-03 04:30:00 ET

MYLax has released its initial 2015 Week #1 rankings. These rankings are based exclusively on reported 2015 season game scores. No previous season rankings or games are used to compute these rankings. To be included in the rankings, a team must have five (5) recorded game scores in the system as of Tuesday, June 2nd.

Rankings updates will be released each Wednesday morning through the end of July. Only games reported properly through your local zone and tournament coordinators appear in the system. You can view all game scores credited to each team by clicking on the Team Details icon in the far right column of the rankings/listing. If your team is not ranked, you can click on the link at the top of any rankings page to switch over to listing mode where all teams appear alphabetically regardless of the number of games played.

All concerns about unreported game scores should be worked through your team's coach who will be your teams single point of contact with your zone coordinator who can work with the OLA to make sure all game scores are properly recorded.

Any erroneous game scores can be reported as such by clicking on the red check mark in the "Fix" column just to the right of every 2015 season game score on the team details page.

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