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2018 Team Information Change Request allows you to submit a change request for a team website, coach, manager and/or coach or manager email addresses. On this request form, it is suggested that you update all information accurately so that no valid information is accidently erased. Email addresses are displayed in such a way that they are virtually impossible to scrape by web crawlers. We use the Display CSS:none method. So that someone with less than altruistic intent cannot erase valid information, new information requested here will be reviewed before it is entered permanently into This review may take up to a week. Websites only update on Wednesdays after the weekly update whereas contact info may update more often. If your request takes more than a week, please contact MYLax via email at

Northumberland Nemesis Update Request

Web Site:


Coach's Email:


Manager's Email:


CLICK HERE if this team will not exist for the 2018 season